Posted by Lauren Pavlik
Father's Day is rapidly approaching and we are here to help you give your dad the best gift ever. No more ties or golf balls, we've got fun gifts all dads will love! 
Socks may seem like a cliche gift but these aren't your ordinary socks. Our collection of Freaker, Sock It To Me, and Blue Q Socks is stock full of awesome (and hilarious) socks that you won't be able to say no to! We've got funny phrases and puns, sports, and even taco dinosaurs! What more could dad want?
These two one of a kind products are simply the best. For the dad who loves his beer ice cold, the Chillsner is the ultimate gift. This unique way to keep your beer cold is especially great on hot summer days. The ice won't leak into your drink and water it down, and your beer will stay fresh and chilly. The Whiskey Wedge works in a similar manner. Half the glass can be filled with ice and the other with whiskey. Talk about a fun way to enjoy some whiskey on the rocks!
Seriously, what dad doesn't love a good baseball hat? Our flag inspired Arkansas ball caps make for the perfect gift!
If you haven't heard of Duke Cannon then you are certainly missing out! This manly line of soaps, face wash, shampoo, and more will make any guy happy (and probably give them a good laugh). 
You're always bound to find something at the Stache! 


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