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It's time for a little Monday've had your coffee and your settled into your daily routine and now we're here to spice it up! (and trust us, you're in for a treat!)
Maybe you already know this, but Mr. Mustache is quite the runner. He's a real life Forest Gump and we couldn't be more excited about his major achievement this weekend! Some people run 5ks, others marathons, but that's not enough for Mr. Mustache. This past weekend he completed a 100 mile race! Yep, that's right one hundred miles. Most of us don't even want to drive 100 miles on a weekend let alone run such a distance. 
Our stellar boss is an inspiration to all of us. He also makes us realize that maybe we're not as crazy as we think because we're sure not running a 100 mile race any time soon (or ever). 

Mr. Mustache (right) killin' it.


A festive photo. Because if you're running 100 miles, you might as well make it fun!

All smiles. Sort of. 


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