Posted by Lauren Pavlik
If you're familiar with our shop, you know we've got tons and tons of awesome little goodies! From crazy prints to hilarious cards, the shop is stock full of one of a kind odds and ends. It's not easy to pick favorites, but here are a few novelty items that we really can't get enough of!
Coffee lovers, you'll be in heaven with all of our fun coffee related products! Every coffee lovers' dream is a mug that keeps their coffee piping hot all morning long right? Well, we've got just the trick! Our Corkcicle tumblers and canteens are an absolute must for coffee drinkers. These incredible canteens will keep your coffee fresh and steaming hot for up to 9 hours! And we can attest to that. Our staff seriously loves these bad boys. If iced coffee is your thing, you'll definitely want to snag our Cool Beans ice tray. Brew coffee, pour in tray, freeze. That's it. Pour your coffee over these frozen coffee cubes for the perfect iced coffee beverage. 
How's this for a fun gift?! Big foot belivers....don't wait any longer to get this amazing scarf. And as always, our sticker collection is nothing short of awesome! If you're in a need of fun little gifts, we've got it! Funny magnets, notepads, and post its are just a few of the items waiting for you. 
Our trinket trays are just the refresher your dresser or coffee table needs! Fill them up with your favorite Mustache goodies and bring a smile to everyone's faces. Come in and shop with us or check out our online store for all sorts of fun products!


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