Posted by Lauren Pavlik
Back to school brings a plethora of emotions. If you're a parent, there's no doubt that you are overly excited to have your kids out of your hair. As a college student, there's no doubt that you are overly excited to have your parents out of you hair all while dreading the studying and going to class part that comes with this long desired freedom. Back to school also means that it's time for some new clothes, accessories, and anything you've been wanting to buy but needed an excuse. 

New school year means it's time for some new tees! Whether you're a Fayetteville local or heading to the U of A, these are perfect for you. These ultra soft tri blend tees are great for calling the Hogs or for a long study sesh at your favorite coffee shop. 

Looking for a new bag to take to class? Our shop is full of stylish options. If you're a boho chic type of gal, our quilt bags from Will Leather Goods are a must. These whimsical carry all totes are a definite back to school upgrade. And what's not to love about the simple and classic bucket tote from Sseko? This do good brand always tops our list of must haves! 

Okay, maybe your new schedule doesn't exactly call for a lunchbox but this retro cowgirl number is just way too good! Whether you need to pack a lunch or not, who wouldn't love this?

Let's not forget about the guys. Trendy tees and short sleeve button downs are an easy way to look good on your first day back! Versatile tops will make the year a breeze. Pair any of these tops with shorts, denim or a fun colored chino and you'll be ready to go!

Nothing says back to school like a fresh pair of shoes. Minnetonka styles are a no brainer for fall. They will easily transition any look from hot summer days to cool fall style. Plus, they're super comfy aka perfect for walking around campus or wherever life takes you. 

Fall is so close we can feel it, now it's time to get shopping for the best season! 


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