Posted by Lauren Pavlik
You've seen our funny stickers, worked out in our run club tech shirts, and probably even bumped into us somewhere on the Razorback Greenway, but did you know that the Mustache Running Club is a very real deal? Yes, we carry hilarious shirts and amazing beanies in our store but we also get out and run all over Fayetteville almost every single day. It's no secret that Mr. and Mrs. Mustache are running addicts (Mr. Mustache has even done a 100 mile race! Crazy!) which why we have such a great group to run with! 

Feel free to join us for a run anytime! We're a goofy bunch and welcome all levels of runners! So whether you're starting to train for your first 5k or have run 10 marathons or you just plain love to run, you'll fit right in! Don't live in Fayetteville? Join us the next time you're in town!

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Now for a few photos to show you how awesome we are.

Hogeye Marathon and Half Marathon 2016

When the half the crew shows up in matching outfits to a Tuesday night run...

The cold never bothered us anyway.

Running in the woods for 24+ hours! 


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