Posted by Lauren Pavlik

Getting back into  the swing of things after the holidays isn't always easy. Coming out of a week long food coma can be a challenge and starting new year's resolutions may not always be the most exciting thing. No worries though, we are here to keep things fun and get you moving in the new year! 

If you didn't get these in your stocking this year, you may want to come by and pick them up! Our Slap Happy beer bottle labels will make your casual friend gatherings even more fun! Dish our hilarious phrases to make for a fun game. 

What's more fun than $1 candy canes?! Stock up for next year or just snack on them throughout the year; either way, why pass this deal up? 

If your new year's resolution is to cook more, you don't want to do that without our fabulous oven mittens! After all, cooking should be fun so why not spice it up with some accessories. 

We should all take the time to send more snail mail. Sending your friends a handwritten note on a Jason Jones postcard is sure to brighten up their day! You would smile to if you received a narwhal in the mail! 


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