Posted by Lauren Pavlik
Are you just dying to know what we've been up to this summer?! We thought so. Well, it's your lucky day! Let's check out some of the fun activities the Mustache crew has been up to. 

First things first, we're back in Bentonville! We are so excited to be back on the square and to see all of you awesome Bentonville folks again! If you haven't already met our spunky Bentonville store manager, be sure to stop in and say hi to Caitlyn! She's a Bentonville native and lover of all things Mustache. 

Shop girl Sam is away from us this summer, but we don't really mind because she sends us the most delicious cookie dough! She is currently interning in New York City and making us all of jealous of her city adventures! 

Mr. and Mrs. Mustache have been on the go this summer! Their most recent travels have taken them out west to visit family and do a little (okay, a lot) of running! They've managed to make a few visits to some of our favorite brands along the way! How cool are these behind the scenes photos of Betsy & Iya and Sseko? 

As you can see, we've been pretty busy this summer and it's not over yet! We've definitely made time to relax and sit by the pool and most importantly enjoy our amazing pool floats. We have no doubt that the rest of the summer will be just as adventure packed as the first half! Stay tuned for more fun from the Mustache gang!


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