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Our Most Loved Novelties

If you're familiar with our shop, you know we've got tons and tons of awesome little goodies! From crazy prints to hilarious cards, the shop is stock full of one of a kind odds and ends. It's not easy to pick favorites, but here are a few novelty items that we really can't get enough of!
Coffee lovers, you'll be in heaven with all of our fun coffee related products! Every coffee lovers' dream is a mug that keeps their coffee piping hot all...

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a company that prides itself on supporting the "Hardworking Man" that has a desire to get clean without the use of feminine body wash. 



The Big Ass Brick of Soap is 3 times the size of most women bar soaps, making it quite literally the size of a brick. It is Military grade soap so its durable, doesn't slip, and smells like a man should! 




We love the packaging of...