Like many good stories, our journey began on a cross country road trip. Brian (aka Mr. Mustache) wanted a change and opening a shop had always been high on his list. Mr. Mustache lives and works downtown, so it made sense to open a store in his favorite part of the city.


Our biggest desire was to open a shop that looked different from any other in town and in doing so,

we wanted to carry products you don't normally find in Northwest Arkansas.


Our passion feeds off of how much our community loves our store. At the Mustache, we always want to provide a fun, friendly, and unique shopping experience. If you can't find Mr. Mustache at the store, checking out the trail system is your best bet, because you can usually find him out there running with The Mustache Running Club!


We are a fun little shop in Northwest Arkansas that has a little something for everyone! We are located on the Downtown Fayetteville, AR square. We'd love for you to shop by and visit our shop, but if you can't we've got a great selection of mustache goods for you here!