Megan Sebeck Photography/Square to Square Marathon 2017


Tuesday Group Run - Fossil Cove Brewing Co. in Fayetteville, AR: 6:00 PM for 3-5 miles followed by beer and social time

Join us each Tuesday for a fun social group run. This is a perfect run to join us whether it's your first time or if you just want a super chill, easy run! Get to know some of our favorite trails around NWA and the breweries we like to support. 

  • Run begins at 6:00, but we have a 5 minute grace period. We start no later than 6:05.
  • We try to provide a 3 and 5 mile option when enough runners and run leaders are present.
  • Meeting locations tend to rotate each month, but we always update on our Facebook page (and here!).
  • During winter months bring a headlamp.
  • Sometimes we plan special events (like our Mustache Maintenance Series, or a Taco Run!)

Wednesday Group Run- Gordon Long Park in Fayetteville, AR: 6:00 AM for 5 Greenway Miles

Thursday Hills and Track-

  • Kessler Mountain Road Repeats: 4:45 AM Meet at the first parking lot at the regional park and everyone will carpool over to the hill.
  • Gordon Long Park: 5:00 AM for 4 Greenway Miles
  • Ramay Junior High Track: 6:00 PM for a speed workout with Rush Running Co. and Drew Conner. When you run fast in circles with friends, you get faster! Attend 8 sessions and you get a FREE t-shirt designed by The Mustache Goods & Wears.

Friday Morning Meetup- Veteran's Park: 5:00 AM for a Lake Loop

Saturday Long Run- Walton Arts Center Parking Lot (near trail/we park close to George's) 6:00 AM for a long run anywhere between 14-20 miles. 

Sunday Long Run- Veteran's Park: 6:00 AM